[Zope] Two Questions: One Easy, One Not

Tino Wildenhain tino@wildenhain.de
Thu, 10 May 2001 17:13:20 +0200

Hi Ben,

unlike other web-servers, zope does not use a file-system
for "folders" and documents.
It has a database system in which the objects are stored.
This is much like your try to access your RDBMS and hope
you can select some files on your database server via SQL ;)

IF you want to use your images from zope, you have to import
them into its database. You can do it via web-interface
or via FTP or (Web-)DAV (the latter works somewhat with
Internetexplorer Webfolder feature)

2) Zope spawns serveral processes, thats normal. You find
their process-ids (at least the ones of the parents) in

Tino Wildenhain

--On Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2001 07:39 -0700 Ben Ocean <zope@thewebsons.com> 

> Hi;
> The easy question: I have all sorts of images on my server that I want to
> copy into the appropriate folder in my Zope installation so that they can
> appear on the site that I am building with Zope. Trouble is, I can't find
> the folder, even when I walk the directory tree. Where does Zope put the
> folders I create and what does it call them? Is it possible to do what I
> want to do?
> The not-so-easy question: For some reason my Zope server dies regularly.
> I  have root access on my RH6.2 box. When I run a process table, it
> appears  that Zope is spawning several processes. In reality, if I try to
> kill the  processes, I find that they're not active (nothing to kill).
> However, when  Zope dies, all the *processes* die with it. I'm no
> programming guru, so any  suggestions would be appreciated!
> TIA,
> BenO
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