[Zope] listservs, forums and Zope...

Joel Burton jburton@scw.org
Thu, 10 May 2001 15:02:54 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Larry Prikockis wrote:

> Hi...
>   I'm wondering if anyone has done anything along the lines of creating an
> interface between an email list product such as listserv or majordomo and
> Zope...  I'm setting up a small intranet site using Zope and trying to
> figure out if there's an easy way to integrate our existing majordomo lists
> with the new Zope site.
> If one of the Zope forum products had an option for email notification, that
> would go a long way towards solving the problem-- but it doesn't seem like
> any provide this function at present.   Alternatively, if there were a
> product that could accept an email message and create a message archive (ala
> hypermail), that would be great too... I'm not yet familiar with Zope and
> python to create something like this myself easily, but it seems to be a
> fairly simple thing.

We use mailman, which is, IMHO, much easier to administer than majordomo,
and much less expensive than Listserv.

Mailman isn't a Zope product per se, but it is programmed in python, and
it's stuff is stored in python marshalled data, so it's fairly easy to get

If I can offer specific help on places you're stuck, let me know.

Joel Burton   <jburton@scw.org>
Director of Information Systems, Support Center of Washington