[Zope] Acting As a Regular Server

Ben Ocean zope@thewebsons.com
Thu, 10 May 2001 14:31:52 -0700

I know there are several products out there for making regular URLs resolve 
(e.g.; http://localhost.com/ ) and getting Zope to interpret it all 
correctly, but I've misplaced my notes and given up searching the Zope site 
after an hour: what are they again? Also, is it possible to simply 
reconfigure one's httpd.conf file in such a way to redirect traffic to the 
appropriate directory (and what would that be?). I don't want to have to 
reconfigure all of my virtualhosts to make them call up Zope, just the new 
ones I'll be building on this platform, but it sure would be nice to use 
the Apache server. What's the best way to do this?