[Zope] Get attributes of a doc in another folder

Nils Kassube nika@kassube.de
Thu, 10 May 2001 15:59:12 +0200

Guten Abend.

* Gilles Lenfant <glenfant@bigfoot.com> [2001-05-09 20:16]:
> <dtml-with folder>
> <dtml-call "manage_addDTMLDocument(id=aname,title=prenom+' '+nom,file='')">
> <dtml-with expr="aname">

Here "aname" is a string. Imho there should be an error message
if you do this to an dtml-with tag :-)

You want the object with the id aname, so you have to get it:
_.getitem(aname). Your dtml-with tag then looks like this:

        <dtml-with expr="_.getitem(aname)">