[Zope] listservs, forums and Zope...

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Fri, 11 May 2001 10:51:25 -0400

>>>>> "CW" == Chris Withers <chrisw@nipltd.com> writes:

    CW> What are the chances of Mailman becoming a 'Zope App'?

>From conversations with Jim, it sounds like he wants to return to the
days when it was really easy to take an arbitrary Python app, write a
bit of adapter code, and suddenly it becomes a Zope application.  In
that sense, and with some of the pluggable architecture I'm
contemplating for the future, I think it should happen.

OTOH, I don't want Mailman to be `just' a Zope app.  The balance is in
making it much easier for Zope and Mailman to be integrated without
raising the entry bar for Mailman too high for non-Zope sites.

    CW> Incidentally, on of the things I'm hoping for with Swishdot is
    CW> to make it more of a cross between a weblog and a mailing list
    CW> so I wonder if there's an opportunity for collaboration here?

Definitely!  We should probably have that conversation on
mailman-developers@python.org, or at least crosspost it.  Don't forget
about the Mailman wiki: