[Zope] WYSIWYG HTML applets to get rid of the textareas for HTML input?

Scott Chapman scott_list@mischko.com
Fri, 11 May 2001 13:15:12 -0700

I found a Java applet that allows you to edit HTML right in a web page, 
replacing a textarea with a WYSIWYG HTML editor. It occured to me that 
this would be a fabulous thing to use with Zope to do away with textarea 
inputs for HTML.  Is anyone doing this?

These tools are not free :-( but they are not very expensive either:

Cross Platform (Java Applet) implementation of this. (This is the one I'm 
interested in):

Windows tools that do this:

How would you make Zope serve up a java applet without having to run 
Apache just for applet serving?

How hard would it be to make Zope put this type of stuff in the management 
pages where ever a text box is currently used to grab HTML input?
> <HEAD>
> <SCRIPT ID=clientEventHandlersJS LANGUAGE=javascript>
> <!--
> function scriptForm_onsubmit() {
>  document.scriptForm.HTMLText.value =
>  document.editor.getHTMLData("http://");
> }
> //-->
> </HEAD>
> <BODY>
> <FORM name="scriptForm" method="post" action="test1.asp" 
> LANGUAGE=javascript onsubmit="return scriptForm_onsubmit()"
> target="_blank">
> <APPLET id="editor" name="editor" code="EditorApplet"
> archive="edit-on-pro.jar" height=400 width=600 VIEWASTEXT>
>   <PARAM name="CODEBASE" value="../../eopro/">
>   <param name="CABBASE" value="edit-on-pro-signed.cab">
>          <param name="LOCALE" value="en_US">
>          <param name="BUTTONORDER" value="toolbar.txt">
>          <param name="BODYONLY" value="true">
>          <param name="TEXTMODE" value="TRUE">
>          <param name="SOURCEVIEW" value="TRUE">
>   <param name="DEFAULTBACKGROUNDCOLOR" value="white">

I don't get into Zope internals at all yet so this is beyond my knowlege. Is this 
a viable solution?