[Zope] ZCatalog (2.3.1) won't acquire method from parent fold er?

Oliver Bleutgen Oliver Bleutgen <myzope@gmx.net>
Sun, 13 May 2001 12:06:13 +0200

> So, in a slightly different light, here is my problem: if I use one of
> these
> DTML methods as an index, it has problems evaluating code because it (the
> Catalog) runs the method, but it will not successfully obtain the
> namespace
> of either the object I am trying to catalog / add, or the namespace of the
> acquisition parent of the newly created - just about to be indexed -
> object.
> The implication of this, is that while evaluating the DTML, there is a
> NameError raised for ANY call to a method within an object of the class
> you
> are trying to index; I did not try accessing properties, but I assume that
> they would suffer the same fate: evaluation of the DTML, being run by the
> Catalog as an agent, would fail to resolve the namespace of the object for
> which it is trying to index, and this would mean that any calls to
> methods/properties of the object from within the DTML would fail with a
> NameError, raising an exception that breaks any Catalog Aware object
> attempting to use a DTML method as a text index.

I think i have the same problem. I have a method inside a (folderish) 
zclass instance which calls another method some levels up via dtml-var.
This breaks adding the classes via "find objects to catalog" - 
i.e. I get said name error.
I guess this is also the reason why importing the top-level folder, 
which contains the zcatalog, of that site breaks - I get the same error.