[Zope] WYSIWYG HTML applets to get rid of the textareas for HTML input?

Paul Browning paul.browning@bristol.ac.uk
Mon, 14 May 2001 07:49:45 +0100

--On 11 May 2001 13:15 -0700 Scott Chapman <scott_list@mischko.com> wrote:

> I found a Java applet that allows you to edit HTML right in a web page,
> replacing a textarea with a WYSIWYG HTML editor. It occured to me that
> this would be a fabulous thing to use with Zope to do away with textarea
> inputs for HTML.  Is anyone doing this?
> These tools are not free :-( but they are not very expensive either:
> Cross Platform (Java Applet) implementation of this. (This is the one I'm
> interested in):
> http://www.realobjects.de/index.htm?/english/editonpro_e.htm
> Windows tools that do this:
> http://www.ektron.com/ewebeditpro.cfm?doc_id=1035
> http://www.mifo.com/comgistics.htm
> http://www.editlive.com/product/


I put round a list of such widgets a while back:


and you've extended it - thanks. I had a more recent one that I shared
with the cms-list but their archive is down just now
( see http://www.camworld.com/cms/ for pointer).

> How would you make Zope serve up a java applet without having to run
> Apache just for applet serving?
> How hard would it be to make Zope put this type of stuff in the
> management  pages where ever a text box is currently used to grab HTML
> input?

As Joachim has indicated this it is not a problem getting Zope
to work with applets.


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