[Zope] Starting with Iemethod

H.de.Wit@SFK.NL H.de.Wit@SFK.NL
Mon, 14 May 2001 09:18:01 +0200

Some e-mail before:
>> WYSIWYG HTML applets to get rid of the textareas for HTML input?
>Yes, there is the Johanc's IEMethod Product, that works only for IE5.0

Curiously, i downloaded the product and followed the installation
instructions below, but at step 4 there was no IEMethod.
Is anybody using this product and share some advice?

1 Unpack the TorpedSharedModule.tgz in the Zope Shared Modules directory.
  E.g. lib/python/Shared/
2 Unpack the IEMethod-0.0.6.tgz in the Zope root directory.
3 Restart Zope.
4 Create a IEMethod instance.
5 The IEMethod is subclassed from DTML Method so it should act exactly as a
DTML Method.
6 The IE Method has a management tab called Editor, besides the ones equal
to DTML  Methods.
Notice that this only works if your using Internet Explorer 5.


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