[Zope] MSWordDocument

Takashi Linzbichler ta@smartferret.com
Tue, 15 May 2001 15:24:58 -0700

Hi, out there !

Has anyone got FTP and WebDAV together with MSWordDocument under Zope
2.3.x (exactly: 2.3.2) to run ?

It works like a charm as long as I use only the built-in HTTP-PUT
upload, but I can't upload anything via FTP or WebDAV.
WebDAV and FTP are OK for all objects on the site except those of Type
MSWordDocument. I always get either error 426 (cannot create file) with
ftp and 405 (method not allowed) with WebDAV. Access rights shold be OK
(checked several times, even tried with all rights for anyone).

Funny thing is, using FTP, the *.doc file gets converted (via wvWare,
I'm under Linux) correctly and the temporary *.html-file can be ound in
/tmp together with the graphics. But it doesn't get published then. 

Using WebDAV, there's not even a conversion underway. No errors, not

Any help appreciated. TIA,

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