[Zope] zzLocale

Arkaitz Bitorika arkaitz@euskalcom.net
15 May 2001 19:41:27 +0200

I don't know the answers to your questions, but after I found a problem
between zzLocale and Zope 2.3.2, the zzLocale maintainer told me that it
doesn't support more than Zope 2.2.5, and he doesn't have any plan to
support 2.3.x.
Now, is anyone out there working on localization of the Zope interface
and/or localized Zope sites? It would be very nice to know which
techniques you use.


On 15 May 2001 11:19:08 -0400, Hank Bowry wrote:
> Hello All.
> I'm trying to get zzLocale up and running on my zope 2.3.2
> a couple of questions.
> I've untarred where I believe it should be, and put the french locales under
> Squishdot for example and restarted, and I can see the zzLocale under
> products, but nothing really happens other than that....shouldn't something
> be in french if my browser defaults to french?....what exactly should
> happen?....and maybe it's not obvious 'cause I haven't set it up
> correctly....
> any help?
> also, I noticed that the start script has an -L switch available for
> localization...based on the RC_LANG or $LANG variable in the OS....is this
> necessary for zzlocale? is it independant of zzlocale is it better or worse?
> different? un-related?  what?
> thanks for the enlightenment.
> Hank