[Zope] Re: [OT] subject headings/clarification

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Tue, 15 May 2001 10:46:53 -0700

> Andy, if I send  message to you directly, there is no mailing list
> involved. Duh!  I can just as easily say that "If I send you a reply,
> and delete the [Zope] part of the header, you don't get to filter on it,
> either."

I know that. Its a fact that I get a lot of replies where people email me
directly as a result of a post on the list. Most mail clients preserve the
subject line, hence it still it gets filtered which is what I want.

I dont agree with people doing that, but hey they do.

> That didn't exactly make sense ... and the number is greater than five;
> this happens avery few months or so.

First time Ive seen this discussion. Obviously managed to miss it before.

Thats it last email. Im putting this to rest.
  Andy McKay.