[Zope] dtml-with question

Laurie Nason laurien@tiger.bcm.tmc.edu
Tue, 15 May 2001 15:27:49 -0500

Nope - doesn't sort the problem out. Maybe I didn't explain myself too well
on the first attempt. What I am trying to do in the code is to add a dtml
method in the folder of my choice - see code below....
I call the method below with a lookuptype which is the name of one of the
folders - it is then supposed to find the folder and create a new method in
that folder. Like I said before - the first piece of code works as it should
and creates my new method in the correct folder, but the second one doesn't
put the requested folder on the top of the namespace (or doesn't appear to)
it creates the new method in the lookups folder.

My folders look like:

	<dtml-with name="lookups">
		<dtml-with name="strain">
                 	<add dtml method here (this bit works!)>

	<dtml-with name="lookups">
		<dtml-with name=lookuptype>
            	<add dtml method here (this bit works!)>

Any ideas..?

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The problem is that

>                 <dtml-with name=lookuptype>

isn't really what you want -- you're telling dtml-var that the name is
lookuptype, when what you really mean is that you want the value of

It's probably more complex than this, but try:

<dtml-var expr="lookuptype">

The quotes are not controlling evaluation, like you think they are.  Inf
act, by the time it gets to the dtml-var evaluation code, Zope has no clue
whether or not you have quoted it or not.


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