[Zope] Re: Cron & Receiving email

Bruce Eckel Bruce@EckelObjects.com
Wed, 16 May 2001 07:48:46 -0700

>Not really.  If you can expland on what you'd like to
accomplish by doing
>this, maybe I can help a little better.

What I want to do is take the confirmation email that
PayPal sends and automatically respond to it by emailing
the product to the customer (trying to do "the simplest
thing that could possibly work" here).

Another alternative is of course to do it completely
outside of Zope, and drive the script with cron. That might
be easiest if 

(1) I knew how to "read" mail to a particular address
inside of Python (it looks like the 'mailbox' module does
this, but it only reads from one mailbox. Thus, to work, it
would seem that address must be sent to a particular
mailbox, which I would guess is possible but requires
sendmail(?) configuration).

(2) I could figure out how to send attachments with
Python-generated mail. I know there are libraries, but any
docs on this seem to go on and on, and have all kinds of
options and alternatives -- it's so simple in Zope. But in
python, it appears I would use MimeWriter. I've found two
examples of this, both of which write to sys.stdout, which
is confusing -- how do you actually email such a thing?

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