[Zope] longest runnig Zope

Dimitris Andrakakis dandraka@nuclear.ntua.gr
Thu, 17 May 2001 03:43:39 +0300

> What is the longest uptime anyone has had with Zope and what OS was it
> running?

Ok, I've GOT to say my story here... it might as well have been written
in "Murphy's law".

Scene last year. Site under delopment, RH 6.1 + Zope 2.1.4 + Apache
(don't remember ver.) + MySQL (same). Our PII stayed up straight from
April to mid-July. NO shutdowns, NO reboots. In otherwords, no downtime.

Then the site is ready. Final tests, checking for any mistakes, all is well.
"Let's go and tell the vice-rector" (a university site that is). So here we
are, us two webmasters and a commitee of 3 professors. And the vice
rector opens his Netscape, keys in the url, and clicks once.

He only clicked once. No answer. Nothing.

&^%*&%&*^%&^%&^%&$%&*^% A COMPUTER RUNNING
crashed and had to be *rebooted* !) AT THE FIRST CLICK OF
THE VICE RECTOR !!!!!!!!!!! &*^%&*^%&*^%*&^%*&^%&*^%

My 10 drachmas.
Dimitris @ Nuclear