[Zope] SPAM! (was Zope Survey)

Tim Cook tim@freepm.org
Fri, 18 May 2001 08:29:13 -0500

seb bacon wrote:

> DC's commitment to the community is great.  I feel like I know most of
> the developers, how they code, what they're responsible for, because
> they regularly contribute to the list.  That's why I think the manner
> of getting the latest mail leaves a sour taste in the mouth.  We know
> there's a new CEO, we don't know much about him, he's never introduced
> himself on the list (has he?), and the first thing we get from him is
> this spamlike email.  It doesn't do much to allay any of the
> semiconscious but probably unfounded worries I have about the future
> of this brilliant software and community (did somebody say
> arsdigita?).  It just seems badly thought out, non-consensual, that
> sort of thing.
> Brian Methvin, welcome to Zopeland - how do you do? :)

This is a good approach. The DC developers will certainly tell
him how important the relationship is and how to treat it.   We
should treat Mr. Methvin like a newbie that sends HTML mail to
the list.  Just tell him nicely that, that is not how things are
done, give him a couple of URL's
(http://www.opensource.org/advocacy/case_for_business.html) has
some great references.

Maybe a post to the mailing list would have been good? I think in
that case they would have missed a lot of people taht signed up
at Zope.org and then didn't participate for one reason or
another.  THEY are the people (from a marketing perspective) that
they want to reach.  They already have us. <vbg>

My $.02,

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