[Zope] Re: Zope Survey

Flynt rhess@bic.ch
Fri, 18 May 2001 16:36:22 +0200

Dear Mr Brian Methvin

Nice, to hear about you. Not so nice, to hear about you this way, when
you present yourself the first time.

The idea of the survey is a good one. However the tone and way of your
message shows clearly, that you have no idea about the nature of the
relationship between the people in a open source community and the
organization (or company) which drives the developement of that Open
Source product. And, I guess, that you are maybe not interested in it.

Either you like to continue the way you are used to doing business, then
maybe you should better change Zope back to closed source (at least the
part Digital Creation is working on) and drop community support, because
- as you said - it is soo expensive and time intensive to support this
Open Source community (they don't give back and help DC anyway, aren't
they ? and, DC could earn a lot more without this drag, couldn't they

Or you try to make yourself familiar with the world of Open Source
first: different business modells, a worldwide developer community,
quality before simple short-timed cash-cow-thinking and so on. Just read
the mailing lists for some time, maybe ?

It is impressing and irritating, that such a monster organization like
IBM shows more knowledge, flexibility and tact than the freshman CEO of
a small company which is profoundly based in the Open Source Community
for years now already (and which owes a lot of its popularity and maybe
also success to that). What a pity.


Reinhard Hess