[Zope] Calculating how long time a user spends on a page

Frank Tegtmeyer fte@lightwerk.com
21 May 2001 10:34:06 +0200

Gitte Wange <gitte@mmmanager.org> writes:

> So that is a specialized application (sort to speak).
> Is this ehat you were thinking about ???

If it's the standard plug-in, then not. What I meant is an application
that does report the use of the video stream back to the streaming
server. This report must be bound to something that identifies the
user. The standard Realplayer does not do something like that, I
think. If it does, fine - but then it's not a Zope problem :)

For tracking users have a look at the CoreSession product. You may
build a custom authorization solution with it.

Regards, Frank