[Zope] Q: Verifying the poll numbers

Tony McDonald tony.mcdonald@ncl.ac.uk
Mon, 21 May 2001 12:58:49 +0100

On 21/5/01 12:22 pm, "Paul Everitt" <paul@digicool.com> wrote:

> Howdy folks.  AndyM is running a poll over at ZopeZen:
> http://www.zopezen.org/
> (Look at the bottom of the left margin)


> OK, on to the discussion.  Are those numbers *really* accurate?  I gotta
> admit, though I've had a soft spot in my heart for the Zope Studio
> thing, I'm stunned that it would be in front.  Much less so *far* in
> front.  Are these results an accurate reading of the sentiments -- that
> given the list of choices Andy presented, a Zope Studio is so much more
> popular than those choices!?!

Well, if you look at the other choices;

More kick ass RDMS adapters     - more or less covered
Storage abstraction layer       - deep voodoo, not many folks will
understand this one
An IDE (Zope Studio)            -
Easier installation of Zope and products    - happens quite rarely
Conversion of more data types   - seems like another db issue
Nothing, its perfect            - :)

Not that I'm slagging Andy off - it's a *good* thing to solicit feedback,
just that out of those choices, most people are going to go for the
'eye-candy' option.

> Wow.  Let's try a different tack.  Pretend there was a for-free Zope
> Studio and a for-fee Zope Studio.  Let's say the difference was either
> like ActiveState's difference (personal use vs. professional use), or
> say the difference was in "Professional" capabilities.
> Does anyone think there would be any moderate-sized market for a for-fee
> version?  How many of you would pay a few hundred bucks for a
> high-quality dev/authoring/admin environment for Zope?
> --Paul

One thing for me - it *must* be cross-platform. One reason I'm so into Zope
is the non-M$oft flavour of it all, I can use it from my Mac runnning MacOS
X (and *run* Zope on it), on PCs in our department, or most other things we
come across as long as they run a browser.

I won't use a PC to edit my Zope pages.

There's no downloads for a MacOS version of Python from the ActiveState
pages so this proposal doesn't thrill me that much. I'd prefer to see the
web interface cleaned up and XML integration boosted.

I *would* pay money for a high-quality environment, with the caveats above.

My 2p
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