[Zope] Q: Verifying the poll numbers

Tane Piper tane@zzict.nl
Mon, 21 May 2001 16:06:47 +0200

Subject: RE: [Zope] Q: Verifying the poll numbers


> Conclusion:
> 1) Gotta be Free software.

I completely agree!  One of the main reasons we picked Zope was the price,
and I don't see the need for an overpriced IDE.  Zend did this with PHP, and
its one of the things that annoyed me.  PHPEd, a freeware alternative was
MUCH better anyway.  The only problem was it is closed source :(

> 2) Should run on every platform that zope does.

Well Du'h :)  Though I would suspect that most people work under a Win32

> 3) Should offer HTTP, HTTPS (not optional in my environment), XML-RPC
> (optional) and ZEO (for speed) access to the server.  Even cooler, run a
> connection over ssh.

I would tend to agree with this.  When I am working at home, I don't want
client's data flying about on an unsecured connection.  I would also like to
see FTP support, to I can upload my DTML pages to the server as well.

I tend to agree with community built tools.  They tend to take longer to
appear, but they usually have all the features I want!  And of course, the
zope community is pretty organised (compared to most others!).  I would
definitely like to participate in any community effort.

Tane Piper - Lead Designer
ZZICT Entertainment