[Zope] Zope on Windows2000

Andy andy@agmweb.ca
Mon, 21 May 2001 22:11:29 -0700


We run lots of Zope on Win2k with no problem. Windows security, well thats
another matter. Just dont forget to turn everything else IIS etc. off :)


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> Hi all,
> how does Zope work on Windows2000? Due to sudden "political and
> strategical" reasons, the operating system of choise for a large worldwide
> community site will be windows2000... (Microsoft visited some high
> governement official lately...)
> However, an existing website already exists, and is build in Zope... Now
> have to choose for reimplementing the entire site using all Microsoft
> technology, or installing Zope on a Windows2000 server.
> Of course, I don't want Zope to blame, when the server goes down because
> windows or has some windows-related securityholes in it... What is your
> experience with Zope on Windows2000?
> Some background: the site I am talking about is likely to be hacked by
> war-criminals... It is going to be the worldwide website for Sercurity,
> Peace and Justice (seated in and hosted by "Den Hague, Legal Capital")
> events in the past, where war-criminals hacked sites which contained the
> "wrong" publicity material makes me believe that... Furthermore, the site
> will be very large in terms of all kind of content, delivered by many
> participants. It is believed, and the intention that the site will serve
> many visitors from all around the world...
> So: what should I do? Rely on all-microsoft technology, run Zope on
> Windows2000, or forget about Zope in the first place for such a tricky
> project ?
> I apreciate any thoughts on this...
> Thanks a lot! Greetings, Antwan.
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