[Zope] RE: Vote for Windowing Toolkit to use for Fat Client

Jason Cunliffe jasonic@nomadicsltd.com
Tue, 22 May 2001 11:33:58 -0400

I think everyone agrees that wxPython is a much nicer GUI than TKinter to
use to program with. Plus the BoaConstructor it makes a natural match for

On Win 32 it is quite easy to use COOM inside wxPython. this means embedding
Internet Explorer control, MSOffice stuff, Flash Controls, etc can save a
lot of time, gain rapid {Windoze} built-in functionality. Prototyping can be
very fast. For businesses that neeed to connect to existing Win32 like
Access+ODBC, a FatZopeClient like this would make very compelling
application. It is very nice for to use IE when you don't have all MS
toolbars and logo in your face :-)

I am 100% in favour of cross-platform, but I also think it foolish to ignore
the myriad advantages of allowing strong COM access by a FatZopeCLient.

By only concern about wxPython vs. TKinter is lack of Macintosh support...
Does anyone here have Mac wxPython experience?

It would be a real shame if Macs could not be consistently supported by the
IDE. I think it is possible to have wxWindows/ wxPython running on Macs, but
my impression is that Mac support is out of sync, and lagging behind. EPople
are working it. How hard I don't know.. MacOSX will no doubt improve this
dilemma. Compatibility really needs to be checked out.

An older [January 2000] Mac Port by Stefan Csomor is
There are newer 'unstable 'versions moved to Sourceforge..

<quote from wxWindows MAc page http://www.wxwindows.org/dl_mac2.htm>
wxWindows 2.3.0 for Mac
Description:  wxWindows 2.3.0 for MacOS 9.x and MacOS X. This is an
'unstable' development snapshot, for people interested in the new features
in the development branch and prepared to put up with glitches that may not
occur in the stable release. However, it is recommended that this snapshot
is used in preference to the 'stable' release since the latter is quite old

wxPython uses Scintilla, so you get all that nice code folding and syntax
coloring built in. Same as in PythonWin. There is basic Python Shell and
editor examnples in the wxPython demo apps which come with the download.
Very nice!

Grids + Trees
xwPython has great tree + grid tools. Allows one to do smooth dynmaic
reszing, pasting of objects [text, number, image..]. Cut'n'Paste :) This
could be really useful for displaying ZODB, catalogs etc. Much better than
clunky HTML table redraw crap.

Another tool for wxWindows is wxDesigner.

<quote http://www.roebling.de/info.html>
wxDesigner is a tool written to make creating dialogs for wxWindows based
programs easy and fast.
Another problem when writing dialogs using the wxWindows library is that
some users might want to make use of the RAD features of the Python bindings
during development, but create a native binary using C++ at the end. This
would entail rewriting (or at least reediting considerably) all dialog
related code.

wxDesigner offers a solution to both problems. Its interface allows anyone
somewhat familiar with wxWindows to create aesthetically pleasant and
cross-platform dialogs in a matter of minutes. Higher-level features such as
supporting copy/cut/paste, infinite undo/redo and previewing make quick
testing easy and safe. Additionally, all dialogs can be used in both C++ and
Python (and most recently Perl) - making co-development easier than ever.

It is a commercial tool which may pay for itelf quickly enough, depending on
what what you need to do.
While BOA is a wxPython IDE, wxDesigner is something for one's authoring
toolbox. For standalone development or working on modules. Dialogs made with
it are easy to use in wxPython/BOA.

Jason CUNLIFFE = NOMADICS['Interactive Art and Technology']