[Zope] zopelogo nerves

Andreas Heckel andreas@easyleading.org
Tue, 22 May 2001 20:11:38 +0200

Jeff Peterson wrote:
> If you are on a Windows platform use IE, if you don't want IE, use Opera 5.x
> both support png format and are compliant with CSS and the W3C standards.
> Linux users can use Opera, I have not tested it on Linux, however if it
> works like it does on Windows, you're golden.  

Seems to me that you do not know what you are speaking about.

> If you use Netscape because of some deep seeded hatred for IE/Microsoft/Bill Gates 
> or are just unwilling to change, well then suffer.  

IMHO there are some more reasons not to change from Linux to Windows. 
BTW ... Did you noticed that there is no IE 4 Linux ? 

> Not using superior tools when you can is your fault.

MOST people on earth are not able to pay the price for that
"superior tools" ! Of course they can just copy M$Windows.
Is that the solution you kept in mind ?  

Andreas Heckel                                  andreas@easyleading.org
LINUX is like a wigwam...no gates...no windows and an apache inside ;-)