[Zope] Setting Up Zope to Run in Remote User Mode

Jason Joy kyroraz@usa.net
22 May 2001 14:21:30 MST

I'm having some trouble with this issue, and was hoping my previous messa=
about setting passwords in Zope (Administrator) would have fixed this, bu=
t I'm
not having much success.

I am involved in setting up Zope and IIS on a machine that needs to have
Remote User Mode enabled.  In setting it up, it was made sure that =

1)  Anonymous access was turned on.
2)  Windows NT Challenge/Response and Basic Authentication was turned off=
3)  IIS's error notification facility was turned off.

Then from the HOWTO at

I keep trying to set the password to blank by both methods of using zpass=
and editing the inituser file manually, but it really seems that Zope doe=
s not
like that?  Is there anything that I'm missing?  Has anyone else out ther=
e had
trouble with this?


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