[Zope] Vote for Windowing Toolkit to use for Fat Client

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Wed, 23 May 2001 11:11:00 +0100

Jeff Sasmor wrote:
> Chris,
> If you are going to use wxPython, check out wxDesigner.
> (http://www.roebling.de).  It's not free and it's not
> Open Source, but it's only $US89 and it can
> act as a decent RAD tool.  It can build a lot
> of your app's GUI framework.

Thanks Jeff, I've passed the info on to Andy :-)

> I have not used wxDesigner a lot yet, but I bought the
> BlackAdder personal use (beta) package. Largely a
> waste of money. It's debugger is nearly useless and BA
> crashes constantly.  It's aspect as an extension of
> QT designer is interesting, and it bears watching to
> see if it improves when they bring out the real thing.

Well, I haven't heard anything good about this yet :-S

> Wing IDE is nice for debugging.  Wing comes with
> source, it's just not Open Source.

Wierd huh? The same is ture for the game "Severance - Blade of Darkness", which
looks to be mostly written in Python, which I was reall impressed with :-)

> I think a combo of wxDesigner and Wing would
> be nice (and it's what I am planning to use
> myself till something better comes along.)

Well, do jump in with your thoughts when the mailing list is available :-)