[Zope] zopelogo nerves

Christopher N. Deckard cnd@ecn.purdue.edu
Wed, 23 May 2001 10:37:19 -0500

Why has no one mentioned Mozilla?  Standards compliant, free,
supports everything that everyone has mentioned (CSS1, PNG, HTML4.) 
Mozilla is light years beyond any other web browser (with the
exception of anything that uses Gecko.)   There is also a wrapper
for Netscape 4 plugins so things like Flash, etc. work.  

FWIW, I've had no problems seeing the Zope logo under Netscape
4/Solaris or Linux.  And the fact that colors in Windows don't mean
anything because what is #6699cc in IE is not the same #6699cc in
Netscape or Mozilla or any other program.  Well, maybe.  But as
someone else said, there are many more reasons not to use Windows
then just color.


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