[Zope] Zope Fat Client Project - IE 5.5 browser freezes when accessing Source Forge

Chris Beaumont cbeaumon@msri.org
Wed, 23 May 2001 11:50:10 -0700


What a coincidence!

This sounds kind of like the problems I have frequently had in the 
past whenever I have tried to download Netscape Communicator with 
Internet Explorer..

Could there be a connection?


>"Albert Langer" <Albert.Langer@Directory-Designs.org> wrote:
>>  More than 90% of the time when I click on a Source Forge link my browser
>>  completely freezes (not just that window) requiring a complete browser
>>  restart. Seems to be associated with the ads display.
>Albert you are not alone!
>I have exactly the same headache
>IE5.5 on Win89se.
>I posted to the zope list to find out if it was local to me. The several
>replies I received had no problems. Please keep me posted if you get to the
>bottom of this & vice-versa..