[Zope] not showing any views...

Chris McDonough chrism@digicool.com
Thu, 24 May 2001 01:24:43 -0400

Try a different version of IE or try Netscape.  Read the QuickStart

> Aaron Mayerson wrote:
>     When I try logging into http://url:8080/manage it shows the view
> of index_html in the main frame instead of the management area.  If I
> try clicking on any other folders, besides Quickstart and
> Control_Panel, nothing happens--the view of index_html just remains in
> the main frame.
>     I have tried logging out and logging back in with every user, but
> I get the same result.  I've also tried stopping and restarting the
> zope server.
>     Any ideas why this is happening, or how I can correct it?
>     Thanks