[Zope] zope logo/webpage design contest

Joachim Werner joe@iuveno-net.de
Thu, 24 May 2001 12:30:43 +0200

Hi Ethan!

Blame me for not having contributed to the fishbowl proposal so far. We have
a more-or-less complete concept for zope.org or eurozope.org next generation
on paper (yes, on paper, not as files ...)) and no time to feed it into the
design process. I promise to give our input ASAP ...

> Though i am no expert, I have read Designing Web Usability and Don't Make
> Me Think and it has informed the site design I am proposing.

I just want to emphasize the "usability" thing again, using an example:

If you currently go to the site and want to download a product, it's hard to
get the right thing quickly. What we have in mind:

- there should be a combined software download/project home section like in
sourceforge, with dedicated portals for each new project
- there should be different "views" onto that, so that I can see only
products that work for Zope 2.3.x, or all devel projects I am member of etc.
- comments about products, bugfixes, bug tracking etc. should all be
centralized at the project home; right now most of the how-tos, comments,
and hints go to the zope.org mailing list, bugfixes (if you are lucky) go to
the maintainer who may or may not post them ... very chaotic