[Zope] Categorizing products.

Ellis, Neil (FNB) EllisN@fnb.co.uk
Thu, 24 May 2001 12:11:21 +0100

Hi Folks

I'm new to Zope so please excuse me if I get this wrong.

There seems to be an ever increasing variety of products for Zope.  Looking
at things from a commercial perspective it would be nice to be able to
seperate the 'quality' ready-to-use products from those who are evolving or
are half-complete.

I just wanted to suggest a simple system of certifying products as 'Customer
Ready Products' ie those that are in such a state (ie containing good help
system, examples etc) that they could be sold as of the shelf products. **
Just to clarify: I said 'in such a state', rather than suggesting tehy
should be sold :-) **

I know that Open Source is seen often as the opposite of the commercial
world but I think there is great value in taking the best of the commercial
world and applying it to Open Source.

Such a simple certification could be carried out by either volunteers or DC.
It could be charged for if neccesary.  The benefits would be that a third
party could claim to use 'Certified' products when building an application.

Anyway I'd like to here any thoughts on this as I, like many would like to
see Zope gain more and more recognition as a serious solution for web

Many regards
Neil Ellis

Java Developer
First National Bank
020 8909 4834