[Zope] [FEATURE REQUEST] comment at the top of DTML Methods andDocuments

Evan Simpson evan@4-am.com
Thu, 24 May 2001 22:11:21 -0400

From: "Michel Pelletier" <michel@digicool.com>
> but also syntactically correct and meaningful to python.  I can see
> extending this into:
> <dtml-comment>
> Meta-Type: DTML Document
> Property X: Foo
> </dtml-comment>
> at the beginning but that's rather baroque and akward.  Also, this would
> just work for DTML content, what about future formats? Page templates?

Page Templates already have something like this, at least when there are
errors.  Compile-time and macro errors are inserted into the source text as
specially formatted HTML comments, and stripped out when the text is saved
to Zope.  It would be a small step from there to what Jerome is describing.
I've already changed Zope 2.4 Scripts to do the same with their errors, and
was considering extending it to DTML.  It is extremely handy when you're
forced to deal with the complexities of an object database as though it were
a filesystem.

Scanning every arbitrary text block saved as a new Zope object through FTP
or WebDAV for every possible variant of this scheme could become unwieldy,
but maybe not.  Combine it with extension-based discrimination, and a PUT
factory, and it wouldn't be so bad.


Evan @ digicool & 4-am