[Zope] [ANN] ZShell 1.0 Final

Jerome Alet alet@unice.fr
Fri, 25 May 2001 11:58:28 +0200


I'm pleased to announce the awaited availability of ZShell 1.0 Final.

ZShell is an external Zope method which allows you to
manipulate the ZODB using standard unix shell's commands
from within Zope's Management Interface in your web

ZShell is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence, with
some clarifications of my own concerning it's use with Zope.

You can download it from:


New features are:

- The history command now works, please read its help.
- The lsperms command now works.
- The setperms command now works.
- The lsusers command output was made cleaner.
- The locate command was removed until post-1.0, because
  I don't know enough about ZCatalog searching yet.
- about command modified, and source comments
  modified wrt the GNU GPL.


This couldn't have happened without the help of the following people:

Peter Bengtsson
Simon Michael
Jason Cunliffe
Michel Pelletier
Godefroid Chapelle
Laurent Pierron
Toby Dickenson
Jim Penny

Many thanks to them !

Post 1.0 plans:

- Make most commands recognize options, the most useful
  options would certainely be:

	--recurse and --maxdepth

  Finishing and factorising the do_find() code should do it.

- Add the locate command to search in ZCatalogs.

- Create a ZShell Zope product, to allow people to create
  ZShell scripts, just like Python Scripts or DTML Methods.

- Piping between commands.

- Set up a webpage, CVS access, and mailing list
  somewhere (SourceForge ?).

- Create a test suite (it's a joke).

Feel free to send any feedback, especially if you like or don't like 
features, or if you want to help in some way.

Enjoy ! 

Jerome Alet - alet@unice.fr