[Zope] Zope folder property manipulation problem

Bobby Mathew msg4bob@yahoo.com
Fri, 25 May 2001 19:59:02 +0530

Hi guys

I am struggling with a small part. I passed the following parameter to this
python script - fname, newvar, newval, newtype
I am trying to change the current variable say memberid which is passed
within newvar with a newvalue say 100 which is passed in newval. But its not
getting changed. The line indicated below has no effect
if container.hasProp(fname, newvar):
  container[fname].manage_changeProperties(newvar = newval) (this line is
suppossed to make the change - but no effect)
  print fname + '-0'
    container[fname].manage_addProperty(newvar, newval, newtype)
    print 1
    print 0
return printed
how do i make python understand that i want the value with the newvar to be
used and to be set with the value within newval ???

please advice me. thanks