[Zope] Newbie Acquisition Question

Daniel Fairs daniel.fairs@spiderplant.net
Fri, 25 May 2001 16:30:45 +0100


I've just got a quick question on acquisition...

In my root folder, I have my index_html which contains, amongst other

    <td colspan="2">
      <dtml-var contentPanel>

In the root folder, I have another DTML method called contentPanel, which is
correctly displayed when I view the root folder.

Now, under the root folder, I have the following folder structure:

SiteUsers is empty, except for Dan; Dan contains a single DTML Method called

When I view localhost:8080/SiteUsers/Dan/ I would expect the contentPane
from SiteUsers/Dan to be displayed (ie. index_html is being acquired by the
Dan folder, but since there is a contentPanel in the Dan folder, that should
'override' the one in the root folder). However, I am getting the
contentPane from the root folder. This is a namespace issue - how do I force
Zope to use the correct namespace? My understanding was that all name
resolution started at the place specified from the URL, and then worked back
'up' the tree... My experience here shows this is true, but the search URL
always 'starts' from the object 'doing' the acquisition (index_html in this
case) - hence the contentPane in Dan/ isn't being used.

How should I solve this?

Many thanks,

Daniel Fairs | daniel.fairs@spiderplant.net | www.spiderplant.net