[Zope] Choosing between ZODB and relational database/filesystem storage

magnus/Websys@websys.no magnus/Websys@websys.no
Fri, 25 May 2001 18:17:27 +0200

> However, I think this is a weak argument for more complexity.

Actually we have even more complexity.  We use Java servlets (over xml-rpc) as 
a middle layer between Zope and the database (Oracle).  Only transient 
presentation-level data is stored in Zope.  We chose this structure for 
several reasons:

o It allows use to leverage all our existing competence, and we can work on 
different layers in parallel without conflicts.

o The data structures and the inter-layer protocols are only changed through a 
clear and defined process.  They form important and 'automatic' documentation.

o Every layer is relatively easily replaced or even collapsed into another.  
We can also have horizontal separation in each layer - for example using an 
application written in C to provide some of the functions in the business 
logic (Java) layer.

o Even though I love Python I feel more comfortable doing heavy computing in 
Java.  The JDBC interface to Oracle also works better for us than the Oracle 
adapter(s) for Zope.

o We are buzzword-compliant.