[Zope] Index types, property types

Andreas Jung Andreas Jung" <andreas@andreas-jung.com
Fri, 25 May 2001 15:17:44 -0400

>From the Zope book:

     Searches text. Use this kind of index when you want a full-text search.
     Searches objects for specific values. Use this kind of index when you
want to search date objects, numbers, or specific strings.
     Searches collections of specific values. This index is like a
FieldIndex, but it allows you to search collections rather than single

I don't see your problems at this time. Every index has its special purpose.
If you need more help provide some informations about the things you
are trying to index.


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> Thank you for the suggestion. However, I've got just that already sitting
> here on my desk -- as I said, I've read the documentation available.
> I'm looking for something *more* than that explanation, which doesn't
> really seem to make clear the pros and cons of using the various types.