[Zope] Starting ZOPE when you don't have access to the machine

Norman Khine norman@khine.net
Sun, 27 May 2001 12:39:04 +0100

I have a virtual server, ie sub-hosting with a virtual sub host, and have
configured zope 2.3.2b2 with python 2.0 on freebsd 4.2

I read in a previous post "somewhere" ;^) that if you start zope on a secure
shell with ./start & and then close this connection the zope server will
stop running.

Which is what is happening, if I start the zope server via the shell and
live the shell open the server can run forever, unless I restart it, but as
soon as I close the shell connection the zope server shuts as well.

My question therefore is -- How do I start the ZServer if one does not have
access to the actual machine?

Many thanks


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