[Zope] Documentation for web-designers

Markus Mohr markus@johalla.de
Sun, 27 May 2001 19:29:57 +0200

> Can you be clearer about what kind of introduction you are looking for.
> Do you expect them to program Zope themselves, or merely be part of a team
> using Zope.
The designers know html and javascript so they know basic programming.
When they create a new site they also have the realisation in mind. They
know their tricks, but they don't know the tricks zope can do.
What is easy, what is difficult. What basic things can they do with
The problem is that they will never (want) to learn python - thats not
their job. Still they need a grasp of things that can be done. For
example is acquisition a great thing for web design and its of course in
the docs, but the documentation has an other target group: programmers.