[Zope] Newbie question: http-cache, caching elements

E. Seifert e.seifert@gmx.net
Mon, 28 May 2001 08:26:46 +0200

Hi Fernando,

Fernando Fuente wrote:
> sorry for asking again,

No problem. That's why this list exists.

> i tried the http-cache. still doesn't work ;(. what i want to achieve is
> that when this image is cached once is shall be taken from the cache when
> opening a new site which has not been viewed before but includes this
> image....

Normally the http cache should work. Be sure your browser is configured
right. It does all the caching:

Usually you can set the caching settings of your browser to values like
'check at every access', 'check once per session', or 'check never'. If your
settings are 'check at every access' then the browser will probably check
for a new version of the image in spite of the http headers he receives from

Perhaps someone else has another idea.