[Zope] zope logo/webpage design contest

Jonathan (Listserv Account) listsmurf@ur.nl
Mon, 28 May 2001 09:00:16 +0200

> The MockUp design images look heavy on images.
> Surely you must remember what is said in those books.
> Go for purity! and well coded CSS.
> zope.org isn't the kind of site where you want an impression. At
> digicool.com you might want to have that.
> Pleeeeeeeeaaassee don't make it one second slower :)

Zope.org *is* where you want an impression. It - not the DigiCool site - is
the first place many people will look, including newbies, decision makers

The mockup can be created with very few images, you'll need just the zope
logo, the rounded corners of the tabs and a few buttons as images, the rest
can be done using CSS.