[Zope] Zope NT Service and INSTANCE_HOME

Francois-regis Chalaoux Francois-regis.Chalaoux@sanofi-synthelabo.com
Tue, 29 May 2001 17:29:32 +0200


The very good Howto at "http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/instancehome" describe a nice solution to start Zope with an another INSTANCE_HOME .

However, this solution does not to be effective with the Zope NT service : 

If you create a INSTANCE_HOME with var, Extensions, import, Products, access entities,
and you declare INSTANCE_HOME in start.bat, Zope find correctly your INSTANCE_HOME when you manually run start.bat. 

But if you start Zope as service it does not work even if you change the string INSTANCE_HOME in the NT register ?

Is there a solution to affect an another INSTANCE_HOME to Zope service ?