[Zope] ObjectManager problem

Casey Duncan cduncan@kaivo.com
Wed, 30 May 2001 08:59:28 -0600

Max M=F8ller Rasmussen wrote:
> I am making a product that draws a graph in PIL and then saves the imag=
e as
> a GIF in a Zope ObjectManager.
> If the image doesn't exist it will be rendered and saved in the
> objectManager.
> When I run it the first time the image renders just nicely in a dmtl pa=
> If I try to reload it, I get an error that says::
> Error Type: Bad Request
> Error Value: The id "laeringsGraf" is invalid--it is already in use.
> ...

The problem is that you are subclassing SimpleItem.Item and
ObjectManager which are incompatible base classes. SimpleItem.Item
defines its own objectIds method which *always* returns and empty tuple
(because it is not a container). You should be able to safely loose this
base class and all will be right with the world.

> Anybody's got a clue??? Please.
> Regard Max M

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