[Zope] demo server of Proiektor

Joachim Werner joe@iuveno-net.de
Wed, 30 May 2001 19:06:01 +0200


I guess Stephan will answer this in more detail. Just to show off some
responsiveness, I'll give you a short answer:

>1. Proiektor is now based on DBObjects. Will it be based on SmartObjects
>when the development of these is stable?

Yes ;-) (Right now, SmartObjects are not even completely specified yet ...)

> > 2. Proiektor (I assume due to DBObjects), require PostgresSQL. Is it
> > possible to use another database? ie is the interface created in such a
> way
> > that changing a certain file or files is sufficient to use it on another
> > database? Or is it too intermingled?
> And if the answer is anything but "yes", does it help if the "other"
> database is a mysql or oracle or M$ Access or....
> I've already got a running MySQL on my server that I want to use if
> possible.

Right now, it is PostgreSQL only. Some other full-fledged RDBMS should be
very easy to port, e.g. Oracle. MySQL is not likely to be supported as its
SQL syntax is not rich enough (mainly it does not have views). MS Access:
not very likely ...

But feel free to take the code and port it to whatever you want ;-)


P.S.: I just asked Stephan: We are working on an Interbase port for a
project; all DBs that support sequences (auto-increment) and views should be
no real problem. Another problem we will fix soon (with the Inter is that we
are using some names that might be keywords in some DBs.