[Zope] How to give caller acquisition path to an object throu gh python script ?

Ripps, Harrison hripps@Brixnet.com
Thu, 31 May 2001 09:21:04 -0400

> The problem is that "someobject" renders using the 
> acquisition path of the FOLDER that contains "main"
> I want the "someobject" to use the acquisition path of the "main" DTML
> object rather than the one of it's folder.

Hi Gilles,
Unfortunately, I can't offer any advice--I'm having the same problem. Tell
me if I'm generalizing the problem correctly with this question:

How do you reference an object -other- than the one that currently has

In my case, I'm trying to build a navigation tree that -always- starts with
the root folder, even when I'm two or three levels deep... I tried
expressing the root folder as the oldest object in the PARENTS list, but my
script doesn't appear to perceive it as an object...