[Zope] Netscape Problems

Thomas B. Passin tpassin@mitretek.org
Thu, 31 May 2001 11:22:08 -0400

[Chris Withers]

> I'm getting a bit suspicious about the number of times Netscape and Zope
> aren't playing together for me :-S
> Basically, on my desktop machine (WinNT 4, Netscape 4.74) I can't actually
> submit to any Zope sites. I click a form button but the browser just sits
> there with the N spinning and not doing anything.
> I thought that was just my machine, but now on this laptop (Win2000,
> Netscape 4.74) the same thing is happening. I'm also getting the problem
> hthe browser constantly redirecting in a very short loop. IIRC, this is
> it's trying to get a linked stylesheet where Netscape has a bug, so I
> disabled sylesheets in my management options, but I still get exactly the
> same problem :-(
> Has anyone else experienced any of the above and does anyone have any
> solutions?

Yes, I had similar problems.  It happened when I reloaded a frame or
secondary window (i.e., one opened by javascript from within a first browser
window).  I found that focusing the stuck window - that is, clicking on its
frame - would immediately fix the problem for that particular case.  As I
remember it was reloaded by being the target of a POST - which may tie in
with your experience.

I forget how I finally solved this problem, but it was probably by sending a
window.focus() command to the offending window after having it load its new
url.  Worth trying, anyway.  It does seem to me that it somehow relates to
Zope, though, since similar code using other systems works ok (I think, my
memory is a bit hazy on it).

The problem wasn't limited to Win2000, though - I saw it on Win95, too.
This was NS 4.73.

Keep us informed how you work around this problem, would you?

Tom P