[Zope] HTML validation failure with DTML-renders -- ends tag with />

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 00:18:33 -0400

I tried validating Zope's HTML for the first time and
I have come across something strange...

Zope inserts '/>' as the close, instead of just  '>'
for the automatic '<img src...' created when calling an image with DTML.

Here is my code just to make sure I am not doing something stupid.
bullet is a .gif.

<dtml-var bullet>
<img src="zope/bullet" alt="" height="14" width="13" border="0" />

It also seems to do this for SiteRoot's insertion into the header.
<base href="http://www.myzope.com/folder/folder/" />