[Zope] Using XEmacs with Zope

Oliver Sturm sturm@oliver-sturm.de
Mon, 01 Oct 2001 12:21:55 +0200

On 30.09.2001 23:02:43 +0200 Dieter Maurer <dieter@handshake.de> wrote:

>  > I'm having some problems with that combination, it seems. I can open a
> DTML  > method from the Zope ftp server with XEmacs. Right after opening
> the DTML  > method, XEmacs logs the message "Unable to set umask to 22 on
> ffweb#8021"  > (ffweb is the server). Now, real problems come when I want
> to save the thing  > using C-x C-s: XEmacs renames the original DTML
> method as a backup copy  > (appending a ~) and creates a new object for
> the changed content, only this  > is a DTML document instead of a method.
> At the same time, it creates a log  > message saying "CHMOD 660 failed
> for /test/vtest on ffweb#8021".  You can tell it not to do this.
> I used "customize" to tell it not to make copies for
> any "Unix" system. Other options would be to make local,
> rather than remote copies.

Thanks, I have it working now. 

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