[Zope] link to method with arguments

BORGULYA Gergely bg057@hszk.bme.hu
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 18:21:47 +0200


I'm developing a site with zope and I have the following problem:
This site is some kind of news-site, I want to show more prewritten DTML 
articles' summary on a page, and then by clicking on them the chosen whole 
article should be shown alone on a page. The articles are got from a 
catalog-object automaticaly, and the whole articles are supposed to be shown 
by a DTML method. I just can't find a way to tell the HTML <a href=...> 
command - which is reached from the summary - to call the method sothat it 
was given the arguments of the object got from the catalog ( -  simply: to 
give the method the article's ID).

<dtml-in ... >
  <dtml-with "_.namespace(article_id=id)">
    <dtml-var showing_method>
- works (but does not what I want), uses the article_id variable;

<dtml-in ... >
  <dtml-with "_.namespace(article_id=id)">
    <a href=showing_method>....</a>
- works not, the article_id is not passed to showing_method.

Is there a way to pass these arguments simply? Or is there a way to call a 
method with arguments set without using the namespace variable?