[Zope] Concurrent access with Apache and Zope

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 19:39:15 -0400

I suspect that requests appear to be serialized because CPU usage is 
high.  It would be useful to look at CPU usage/IO utilization/memory 
utilization during the suspect queries/sorts to see if it's impacting 

Note that results like this are is often the result of sorting on a 
DateTime object.

Oliver Erlewein wrote:
> Hi
> I'm having following phenonemon...if dtml-in with a sort on lots of data or
> I do
> a big ZCatalog-query then all transactions to Zope (2.4.0 on Sun Intel-PC)
> (after that transaction) wait for the first "big" transaction to finish
> before
> returning their results. This is naturally not so good if I want to have a
> site with about 50 concurrent users...
> I'd say the problem looks, as if I have only one thread returning results.
> Since I can't believe that Zope cannot handle parallel requests it must be
> my
> config. I already played arround with giving Zope more threads but it didn't
> change the behaviour.
> I use Apache 1.3.19 and Zope 2.4.0. Apache does SSL and the virtual hosting.
> Apache runs as Proxy Pass. I use the VirtualHostMonster on the Zope side to
> do the pathtranslation. 
> I havn't checked things like FastCGI or PCGI. I'm desperate for an answer
> but I don't know where to look. So I'd be thankful for any help.
> Thanx Oliver

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