[Zope] Core Session Tracking 0.9 Released

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Fri, 05 Oct 2001 08:44:36 -0400

Hee hee... Darn, if it *had* been Silesian, I would have been able to 
say "I have no idea because I don't know what Silesian is"  ;-)

In any case, you should really use whatever works and dont think about 
it all that hard... it really doesn't matter all that much.  You might 
want to read the discussions that took place during CST development to 
understand why we didn't just use SQLSession.


Also check out the CST project Wiki in general:


That said, either SQLSession or CST will likely work for you.

Schmidt, Allen J. wrote:
> I HATE OUTLOOK (sometimes...)
> Silesion is the spell-checked replacement for SQLSession...
> Hey Chris,
> We have just started using SQLSession recently and will soon be using
> Sessions from it site-wide. It was dirt easy to setup and start using. Can
> you offer any comparisons to it and CST inn terms of ease of installation,
> use, management, etc.? It would be nice to see the comparisons from an
> expert before we dive into SQLSession big time! I would hate to have to redo
> it all 6 months down the road.
> ANYTHING you or anyone else can offer on this topic or on using Zope
> Sessions is MUCH appreciated!
> Thanks
> Allen
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> Subject: [Zope] Core Session Tracking 0.9 Released
> Hi Folks,
> A new version of the Core Session Tracking product (the first one in six 
> months!) has been released.  Core Session Tracking is a Product which 
> allows you to easily associate transient data with anonymous users.
> The product is available from 
> http://www.zope.org/Members/mcdonc/Products/CoreSessionTracking.  To 
> upgrade from prior releases, just remove the "old" CoreSessionTracking 
> product directory and install this one as per the install instructions 
> in the help/CoreSessionTracking.stx document.
> A list of changes since the last version is:
>    - Took advantage of securityinfo module and new BTrees modules.  As
>      a result, CST 0.9 is incompatible with releases of Zope prior to
>      Zope 2.3.2.
>    - Objects are now acquisition-unwrapped before being placed into
>      session storage (thanks to Matt Hamilton)
>    - A SessionData object's __setitem__ may now be called from a
>      Python Script, it failed previously with a security error.
>    - Fixed bug in SessionDataManager security assertions which
>      made it impossible to change security parameters (thanks to
>      Uwe C. Schroeder).
>    - Fixed constructor number of parameter bugs (thanks to Chris
>      Withers).
>    - Fixed bugs that made isTokenFromForm, isTokenFromCookie, and
>      isTokenNew methods virtually useless (thanks to Frank Tegtmeyer).
>    - added flushTokenCookie method, which deletes the token cookie from
>      the client browser with prejudice.  This method is useful when
>      you want to start out completely fresh with a different token.
>    - Fixed bug which caused a "TypeError: loop over non-sequence" at
>      startup under Zope 2.4.X in the Interfaces module which caused
>      the product to not be initialized properly. (Thanks to Chris
>      Withers and Joachim Werner).
>    - Added multithread test cases to testSessionDataManager.
>    - SessionFanout _getleaf method made more efficient by making
>      allowed_hashes a dictionary (thanks to Anthony Baxter).
>    - Added 'getName' alias to SessionData's 'getId' method for
>      compatibility with code written for SQLSession (thanks to
>      Anthony Baxter).
>    - SessionDataContainer keys are now required to be strings
>      (thanks to Anthony Baxter).
>    - Added a new method to SessionDataManagers, "getSessionDataByKey",
>      which provides a way to obtain an arbitrary session data object
>      by feeding it a key (as opposed to getSessionData, which always
>      obtained the session data object related to the current token).
>      A user needs to possess a special permission to be able to do this.
>    - Added conflict resolution to (RAM-based, internal) SessionStorage.
>    - Made internal data container use "LowConflictConnection" class for
>      its ZODB connections.  This class operates differently than the
>      standard Connection class because it doesn't raise "read" conflict
>      errors.
>    - Removed "AutoExpireMapping" class and merged its functionality into
>      SessionDataContainer.
>    - Removed "SessionFanout" module (unecessary because we're not trying
>      to support pre-2.3.2 Zopes).
>    - Refactored tests slightly.
>    - Added SessioningPermissions and common modules.
> Thanks!

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